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2nd Floor, Jl. Gardujati No. 25


About Us

The story begun 3 decades ago, when our shop was a gold shop. About little more than a decade ago, a little shop was established at Gardujati 25, Bandung.

In 2016, I went to GIA to get a proper educational degree for diamond. Along with GIA Education, I enroll professional training regarding Jewelry Design, Bench Jeweler and Appraisal. 

The story of Point Jewelry began in 2019.
With a big dream in small store in the heart of Bandung.


Born from audience demand of best diamond and jewelry itself,
with the need of great attention to detail and uncompromising demand of quality.


We decided to follow our dream, design for the individual pieces and custom made to achieve customer dream to life. The inspiration of making extraordinary pieces is to brought the prestige, persistence and perfection of the handcraft it self and embodied the high quality jewelry.

Our Services


Hand Sketch Design


3D Custom


Gemologist Consultation
(by appointment)

Our Product


Platinum 95%


GIA Diamond - by Point


Precious Gemstone
(Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, etc.)

Our Products

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