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Image by Tahlia Doyle

Although we know that diamonds occur in every color of the spectrum, colorless diamonds are the most valuable. These genuinely colorless diamonds are very uncommon. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) established a color grading system for diamonds. From D (colorless) to Z (light yellow), diamonds are obtainable. The diamond appears more yellow depending on where it is in the alphabet. The best way to assess color is to observe a loose diamond on an entirely white surface and take note of any contrast.
Jewelers refer to fancy diamonds as colored diamonds. The most common colors for fancy diamonds are pink, blue, and canary yellow. These hues might be true to life or overstated.

Color, Carat, Clarity, Cutting


A carat, a relatively small unit of measurement equal to 200 milligrams, is used to describe the weight of a diamond. There are 142 carats in an ounce. Since cutting a diamond to different proportions might change its weight, carat (ct.) is not a measurement of a diamond's size.

Why you should buy GIA Diamond?

Inspecting Jewels

Inspected under 10x magnification before grading

Each diamond is examined under 10x magnification before being evaluated according to the 4Cs - color, clarity, cut, and carat weight - which all contribute to its value. Furthermore, each diamond verified by GIA is granted a unique report number, making it easy for future purchasers or resellers to identify them.


Assigned with unique report number

This unique number, which can be found on the diamond's grading certificate or laser-inscribed on its girdle (the outside edge of a cut diamond), is used to identify and track each diamond. It consists of up of letters, numbers, and symbols unique to that stone.


Higher resell values

Certified diamonds have higher resell values than uncertified diamonds because potential buyers know exactly what they're getting when purchasing these types of stones; full confidence in terms of authenticity and quality, which adds more value compared to just having an uncertified gemstone. 

Color Diamond

Blinding Diamonds

Blue Ocean Diamond

Wellman's Blue Diamonds have gone through a high-pressure, high-temperature treatment process that has emerged as a leading technology to change the color of diamonds.

Yellow Diamond

A yellow diamond is a particular kind of diamond that has a stunning and vivid yellow colour. The distinctive color of these diamonds, which ranges from pale yellow to bright and brilliant colors, makes them highly rare and valuable. 


Diamond Buying Tips



Berlian Sintetis

Dengan struktur atom yang menyerupai berlian alami, berlian sintetik memiliki kesamaan dengan berlian natural. Teknik HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) dan CVD (Chemical Vapour Deposition) merupakan teknik yang dikenal umum.

European vs Banjar Diamond

Istilah ini mungkin keliru, namun begitulah mereka dikenal. Berlian Eropa dan Berlian Banjar dinamakan berdasarkan asal lokasi tambang mereka. Walau istilah ini sudah tidak relevan, namun kemajuan teknologi di bidang gemologi dan pergeseran di bidang industri berlian tidak serta-merta membuat masyarakat luas mengikuti perkembangan pengetahuan tentang berlian itu sendiri. Lalu apakah perbedaan antara Berlian Eropa dan Berlian Banjar?

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