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Muslim Wedding Ring

Premium Muslim Wedding Ring For Your Eternal Moment


Muslim Wedding Ring

Muslim Wedding Rings made of Platinum and Palladium are very popular in the past decade. Platinum and Palladium rings are used both for Muslim couples who are about to get married, as well as for people who are allergic to other metals.

There are several types of Platinum and Palladium on the market, including those from Italy, Japan, London and unknown sources.

Wedding Ring

(Male) Premium Platinum

(Female) White / Yellow / Rose Gold

Start from IDR 3.919.000 / pair

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​From Besurek Batik Cloth extracted to Batik Wedding Ring. Add a touch of Indonesian culture and artisty for your wedding day! 🤍


Start from 5 Jutaan/pair

Batik Wedding Ring.JPG
Batik Wedding Ring.JPG

​We created an Exclusive Batik Wedding Ring, incorporating Besurek Batik from Bengkulu, features Rafflesia and Relung Paku motifs.

For a Wedding Ring, Rafflesia and Relung Paku motifs are both beautiful and meaningful. Rafflesia is a large and exotic flower that symbolizes love, beauty and passion. Meanwhile, Relung Paku motif represents the intricate and interconnected nature of life and relationships, reminding couples of the importance of teamwork and mutual support on their journey together.

These Besurek Batik Wedding Rings bring hope to every couple that they could support each others through every phase of marriage.

Are you excited for this Special Edition? ✨ You can get them starting from today!


🔹 Exclusive Wedding Ring Box
🔹 Laser Engraving (you can choose the font)
🔹 Inhouse Certificate (graded by GIA Graduate)
🔹 Premium Finish (compare at our store)
🔹 1 Year Guarantee (Polishing, Re-Finishing, Chroom, Resize)
🔹 Lifetime Guarantee (Cleansing)

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What You Get

We are happy to provide the best for you

Quality Guarantee

Our Collection are made with highest standard & authentic

Service Guarantee

Cleansing, Polishing,

Re-Finishing, Chroom

Resize Guarantee

No worries whether you need to go a size up or a size down

Exclusive Wedding Ring Box

Luxury ring box to complete your special day

Laser Engraving

With our Laser Advance Technology, any kind of engraving is possible

Inhouse Certificate

Our diamonds are specially selected and graded by our GIA Alumni

Premium Finish

We are using premium finish on our jewelry, you can compare at our store

Why Wearing a Wedding Ring is Important?

Wedding rings are worn by many couples as it symbolizes many meanings. They signify commitment, love, and loyalty. Wedding rings represent an unbreakable bond, especially in marriage. So, it is common for married couples to wear rings on their hands as it shows that they are officially married to someone.


Wellman Jewelry has been providing wedding rings since 1987, and always ensures customers get the best quality ring for their special moment in life.

What They Say About Us

Pelayanannya oke banget, ramah, fast respon, hasilnya juga memuaskan bahkan melebihi ekspektasi aku 👍🏼

Recomemdasi buat beli cincin nikah di sini, pelayanan nya ramah baget. Ukuran bisa di sesuain, soal nya tangan aq sama suami aq tuh beda jauh banget, tp bikin d sini seneng bgt bisa dapet ukuran yg sesuai dengan jari manis masing2.
Buat model nya juga bagus2 banget, pokok nya puas banget sama pelayanan nya👍

Pelayanannya yg ramah dan kualitas yg baik juga..untuk pengerjaannya cincinnya sesuai dgn schedule yg diberikan,sgt memuaskan,recommended utk yg lagi nyari cincin nikah krna bisa disesuaikan dgn budget juga

Pelayanan Luar Biasa. Harga Masih Wajar. Semua cincin mulai dari tunangan sampai nikah saya beli disini. Sangat direkomendasikan

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