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Wellman Jewelry

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Since 1989, until present time, Wellman Jewelry has been serving more than thousand customers from many generations. 

We always put our effort to serve with innovation, education and technological update.

Although Wellman Jewelry had  run through the 3rd generation, but we believe that born in this business doesn't make us automatically an expert.

Attending plenty workshops, seminar, mentoring from our senior and getting through professional education at GIA make us stand out from others.

CAD/CAM, laser technology had been introduced since 10 years ago by Wellman to this town, bring a whole new level to the table.

Precision, detail, accuracy and art brought to life by our skilled technician from imagination to something beautiful in your finger.

Our Showroom
GIA Diamond Graduate
GIA Alumni Association

dr. Vincent Tanudjaya

managing director

Being the third generation that run jewelry business, gives him plenty experiences in this field. Yet he believes experience alone is insufficient.


Graduated from medical school, bring the deepest knowledge about scientific matter, and great analytic skill. Just like medicine, it needs theory, practice and mentorship to build a great doctor.

Vincent understood the important of that process, so he took long term mentorship, from his father, started from young age.


Beside mentorship, he also took various jewelry seminar, class and workshop from national to international event. His professional education including GIA Diamond Graduate program (GIA Certified).

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